The North of England

IVF Provision

The North of England is currently the best area in the country for NHS IVF provision, because there are two commissioning collaboratives of CCGs which offer 3 full cycles of IVF.

The North East commissioning collaborative, consisting of 13 CCGs is the best collective group of CCGs in the country, offering the ‘full’ 3 cycles of IVF treatment as recommended by NICE. Stretching from Cumbria to Newcastle, FF regularly uses the collaborative as a best practice example that other CCGs in England should be aiming to follow. We do not however agree that treatment should be denied if either partner has any living children (including adopted children) from that or previous relationships.

For CCGs in this collaborative, a cycle is offered for couples where the female is aged between 40-42, provided that they meet NICE’s criteria. The waiting time for IVF is also 2 years, rather than 3.

The above commissioning collaborative covers the following CCGs:

  • Darlington CCG
  • Durham, Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCG
  • North Durham CCG
  • Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCG
  • South Tees CCG
  • Gateshead CCG
  • South Tyneside CCG
  • Sunderland CCG
  • Newcastle North and East CCG
  • Newcastle West CCG
  • North Tyneside CCG
  • Northumberland CCG
  • Cumbria CCG

A number of Cheshire CCGs cut back provision in 2017 to only one cycle of IVF.

Provision across the region’s other CCGs varies. The level of provision for each CCG and their associated access criteria can be downloaded below.

North England Data

North England – 2018 Freedom of Information Data

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