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IVF Provision

The South of England is arguably the worst overall area in the country for IVF provision. Whilst previously a few shining lights existed in areas such as Wiltshire CCG or Gloucestershire CCG,– the majority offer only one cycle of treatment, with none offering three cycles in this part of the country. A large number of CCGs also restrict treatment to women under 35, an arbitrary age range when NICE recommends offering to eligible women up to 40 3 cycles, and women aged 40-42 one cycle.

A group of CCGs in the Kent and Sussex area have for a few years now commissioned two cycles of treatment (bucking the trend across the remainder of southern England), however even this collaborative fails to include all viable frozen embryos as part of a cycle as defined by NICE.

Oddly, most CCGs in the South of England recognise that collaboration with their neighbours is wise (this being an area of medicine that requires specialist knowledge) however this does not translate into better policies being produced. FF is in frequent contact with these collaborations to try and wake them up to the poor levels of provision offered throughout the region.

The level of provision for each CCG and their associated access criteria can be downloaded below

South England Data

South England – 2018 Freedom of Information Data

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