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IVF Provision

The Midlands and East covers a vast expanse of CCGs. The 19 CCGs that make up the East of England were up until very recently the best providers of IVF in the country (jointly with the North of England commissioning collaborative). However several CCGs in 2014 reduced the number of cycles of IVF commissioned from 3 to 2. In 2015 Fertility Fairness has witnessed several more actually move to decommissioning their IVF service entirely.

Consequently, FF can no longer hold the East of England region up as a shining example. In fact the Essex region may soon be the only place in England that patients cannot access any IVF treatment on the NHS. That said, those that still provide 3 cycles should be commended for following the NICE guidance.

The Midlands is primarily made up of 1 cycle CCGs with a few offering 2 cycles. CCGs in the Birmingham and Black Country area recently took steps to develop a cycle policy. Unfortunately this is only one cycle and the majority of CCGs in the region continue to deny treatment to couples where one partner has children from a previous relationship (even if they are not living with them). The definition of a cycle also varies according to CCG.

The level of provision for each CCG and their associated access criteria can be downloaded below.

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