Gold standard: Scotland the first country to provide 3 NHS-funded IVF cycles for all eligible couples

Fertility Fairness commends Scotland, condemns rest of the UK

Scotland is to be commended for ensuring access to IVF is fair for all says campaign group Fertility Fairness, while condemning provision elsewhere in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Sarah Norcross, Co-Chair of Fertility Fairness, said:

‘We commend the Scottish Government both for recognising the importance of treating this medical condition, and for taking action to help the one-in-six couples affected by infertility.

The Scottish Government’s announcement that it will provide three funded IVF cycles for all eligible couples (who are new referrals) is fantastic news for those affected by infertility in Scotland. Fertility Fairness urges the rest of the UK to follow the Scottish Government’s lead, and to take immediate action to stop the rationing of fertility treatment.

From 1 April, Scotland will be the best place in the UK in terms of IVF provision. While Scotland will provide three funded IVF cycles for all eligible couples, in England both access criteria and provision of treatment are determined by postcode, and increasing numbers of Clinical Commissioning Groups in England are either reducing services or stopping them completely.

We urge the UK Government and NHS England to take immediate action to stop this trend, and to commit to improving access to fertility treatment for people in England. In Wales and Northern Ireland, while there is equity of provision in terms of the number of cycles offered and the access criteria around children from previous relationships, nobody with fertility problems can access three funded IVF cycles. In Wales, affected individuals are offered two funded cycles of fertility; in Northern Ireland, only one funded IVF cycle is offered.’


The 3 things people can do to promote fairness for fertility treatment are:
1. Tell your MP: inform them of your situation and what is happening in your area; a template letter is on our website at and MP’s contacts details are available at
2. Tweet your support and a pic using the hashtags #IVFx3 #tellyourMP #therighttotry
3. Help create a fertility funding Thunderclap – a social media message sent collectively – on Facebook, Twitter and tumblr on Saturday 25 March at 3pm. Register your support for the Thunderclap at