Essex NHS IVF Black Spot: Basildon & Brentwood cuts services for new and existing patients

Brentwood and Basildon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has announced their decision that fertility treatment will no longer be available, despite 42 per cent of the 850 people who took part in a nine-week consultation insisting it should stay.

Susan Seenan, co-chair of Fertility Fairness said: ‘Basildon & Brentwood clinical commissioning group’s (CCG’s) decision to remove NHS IVF for new and existing patients is cruel and unethical. Essex is now officially the worse place to live in England if you hope to access NHS fertility services: in the last two years three local CCGs have decommissioned NHS fertility services – Basildon & Brentwood CCG, North East Essex CCG and Mid Essex CCG. This news will come as an enormous blow to the one in six couples who need medical help in order to become parents.’

Sarah Norcross, co- chair of Fertility Fairness, said: ‘It is appalling that only the well-off in Basildon & Brentwood will be able to access fertility treatment. Fertility services should be available for everyone eligible for treatment; not just the wealthy. Fertility problems affect rich and poor alike and this is a clear example of health inequality in practice. The Prime Minister has said that she wants a country that works for everyone – here we have a county, Essex, which is working against people with a medical condition.’