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Fertility: Is Variation Fair?

In the London Borough of Hillingdon, and across North West London, the CCGs have chosen to implement a blanket policy which only allows eligible women to have 1 cycle of IVF. Healthwatch Hillingdon have spoken out against this discriminatory practice in a recent report and have urged NHS England and Healthwatch England to undertake a […]

Patients can help save IVF services in Bedfordshire CCG

Fertility services in Bedfordshire are at at serious risk of being decommissioned altogether. Groups called CCGs commission NHS fertility services and the Bedfordshire CCG is proposing to drop their already limited IVF provision from 1 cycle to none. This will make Bedfordshire CCG one of only four groups in the entire country not to offer […]

Scotland shining exemplar of fertility democracy, lauds Fertility Fairness; lambasts rest of UK

Scotland is a shining exemplar of fertility democracy – ensuring access to IVF is fair for all, lauds campaign group Fertility Fairness, while lambasting provision elsewhere in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Susan Seenan, co-chair of Fertility Fairness and chief executive of Infertility Network UK said: ‘Scotland continues to lead the way in providing equitable […]

Patients can save IVF services in NE Lincolnshire

Local Campaigning Against NE Lincolnshire Cuts  In August 2015, North East Lincolnshire CCG cut their funding of IVF treatment from three cycles to just one. Despite this being a decision that will deeply affect the lives of many requiring fertility services, it was carried out without any public consultation. You can read Fertility Fairness’ public response […]

Fertility Fairness responds to North East Lincolnshire CCG’s IVF Cuts

North East Lincolnshire CCG has recently cut their IVF policy from 3 cycles to 1 cycle, without any public consultation. Fertility Fairness has publicly written to the CCG to highlight our concerns with the process used. To read our response see here.