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Cheshire CCGs slash NHS IVF

West, East and South Cheshire and Vale Royal CCGs have cut NHS IVF effective from 28 April. West, East and South Cheshire and Vale Royal clinical commissioning groups are cutting the number of NHS-funded IVF cycles from 3 to 1, with some clinical exceptions, and introducing stricter eligibility criteria for access, with effect from 28 […]

Gold standard: Scotland the first country to provide 3 NHS-funded IVF cycles for all eligible couples

Fertility Fairness commends Scotland, condemns rest of the UK Scotland is to be commended for ensuring access to IVF is fair for all says campaign group Fertility Fairness, while condemning provision elsewhere in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Sarah Norcross, Co-Chair of Fertility Fairness, said: ‘We commend the Scottish Government both for recognising the importance […]

IVF Provision, best and worst places to live, 2016

  PRESS RELEASE Greater Manchester the best place to live in England for NHS fertility treatment: top 4 and bottom 4 regions revealed; ‘unacceptable’ that CCGs do not offer NHS IVF says Minister. Greater Manchester is the best place to live in England if you need IVF, according to new national audit date from campaign […]

Essex NHS IVF Black Spot: Basildon & Brentwood cuts services for new and existing patients

Brentwood and Basildon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has announced their decision that fertility treatment will no longer be available, despite 42 per cent of the 850 people who took part in a nine-week consultation insisting it should stay. Susan Seenan, co-chair of Fertility Fairness said: ‘Basildon & Brentwood clinical commissioning group’s (CCG’s) decision to remove NHS […]

Press Release: Patients can save IVF services in Cheshire

  The umbrella campaign group, Fertility Fairness, is urging clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) not to fail their patients by cutting tertiary infertility services, such as IVF and ICSI. A public consultation by Eastern Cheshire CCG and four others (Wirral, South Cheshire, Vale Royal and West Cheshire) on the provision of specialist fertility services, includes proposals […]